The Holy Spirit My Mysterious Friend - eBook

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Age: To read by yourself for children from 6 years, for families and groups of children
Translation: Translatet by Merisha Janke
Reader: Kindle Ausgabe
Foreword: Walter Heidenreich

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A Discovery Book for Children

In this Discovery Book, kids learn with each page more about who the Holy Spirit is, about the power that He has, and how He works in us. Children share their authentic experiences: Healings, Angels in their children’s room, the Secret Language, the gift of strength, courage and change through the Holy Spirit.
It is conveyed to the children that they can have a friend who is the greatest power in the universe, who lets them experience the love of God, the Father, in a deep way, and who leads them closer to Jesus.
A friend who makes them strong for their everyday life. Because kids desire to experience the power of the Holy Spirit, hear the voice of God, and recognize things from the Heavenly world.

The well-known Children’s Books Author and nursery school teacher Bärbel Löffel-Schröder put together many discovery pages all about the Holy Spirit for this book: Discovery-Scriptures, experience reports/testimonials from kids, stories, skits, Action, and much more. Meanwhile, the author always presents the topics in a way child-oriented way.

Suitable for kids in elementary school to read for themselves, for families, and kids groups.

Amazon worldwide

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Bärbel Löffel-Schröder christliche Kindergeschichten Autorin

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